During my internship with Jakob Hinrichs in Berlin we made this series
of animation movies for a permanent exhibition at Burg Stolpen, Germany.

The exhibition is about the countess Cosel, the famous mistress
of Augustus the Strong. She was held captive for almost half a century within
the mighty walls of the fortress. At the Burg Stolpen you can scan several
QR-codes and watch our animation movies on your phone or tablet.

Introduction of August the Strong and Countess of Cosel. She was a German noblewoman and mistress of Augustus the Strong, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony.

Anna Constantia tried to take the crown because she wanted the fame and intervene and meddle in Polish politics. When that didn't work out she replaced a real crown with a hairpin with a crown. This shows how determined she was and it gives a good idea of her personality.

August der Starke wants back the promis to marry. Anna Constantia interfered too much into politics and August exiled his former mistress on 26 December 1716 to Burg Stolpen, where she was kept for the next 49 years until her death.

When August died the countess' exile was not lifted and remaind intact under the rain of his son August III.

Although she was under house arrest, she still had servents and could order whatever she liked at her residence at Burg Stolpen. It is curious that the countess did not use the opportunity to flee when the saxon guards having fled before advancing Prussian troops. Eventually she dies at Burg Stolpen.

Queer and feminist illustrator and animator


Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands