I made this editorial works for the new platform of 'VICE' called 'TONIC'. Their articles focus mainly on health- and psychological issues that young adults suffer from.

illustration about young people with burn-outs

The article tells the stories of young people with burn-outs. So don't forget to downward dog my hard workers!

Illustration about people with a bipolar disorder

Illustration about “informed consent” during childbirth

Illustration about boys that suffer from an eating disorder


Illustration about two sisters that both have an eating disorder

Illustration about getting over the little voices in your head when you recover from an eating disorder

Illustrations about proponents and opponents of euthanasia

Illustration about STD’s and why young people rather not get tested

Illustration about how the divorce of your parents can affect you as a child and later in life

Queer and feminist illustrator and animator

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands